- Protecting whales through identification, monitoring, and collaboration - 


Research Partnership with Keta Coastal Conservation

We are proud to provide Keta Coastal Conservation with regular access to our vessels to conduct research in the Salish Sea. This partnership allows Keta to gather crucial data used to understand and create strategies for humpback and orca conservation.

As industry leaders, we plan to be the first whale watching company in BC to offer research-based tours. Once per month, guests will be able to join a tour guided by a scientist from Keta Coastal Conservation, who will also collect data and Photo ID on humpbacks and orca found on the trip. All proceeds will be donated directly to local marine conservation initiatives. Please get in touch with us if you're interested in joining a research-based tour.


Data Collection and Contribution

We collect data on every whale watching trip! This includes identifying individuals, recording pod sizes, observing behaviours, and monitoring locations and direction of travel. Killer whales and humpback whales have unique scars, nicks, and colourings that make them unique and identifiable. By recognizing individual whales in our area, we can learn a lot about whale social structures, behaviours, and population trends - information that can all be used to help protect these species! Throughout the season we provide our data to the Center for Whale ResearchBC Cetacean Sightings Network,  as well as Keta Coastal Conservation to support their important conservation work.