-A family run company

offering a world class experience-


Co-founders Mike and Jilann have worked with whales for over a decade through scientific research projects, guiding eco-tours, and driving vessels through BC's coastal waters. Our goal is to offer BC's most sustainable whale watching. That's why our tours focus on the growing populations of transient orca and humpback whales, rather than the endangered southern resident orca.

Jilann's background is marine biology, and she attended Simon Fraser University where she studied biological science. Jilann has worked for various NGO's in British Columbia and Southeast Alaska, and has contributed to projects studying orca, humpbacks, fin whales, and pacific salmon. She is also a researcher with Keta Coastal Conservation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching humpback whales in the Salish Sea. 




Mike graduated from the University of Victoria with an Environmental studies and Political Science degree. He campaigned for Greenpeace before he began guiding whale watching tours from Vancouver. Mike quickly realized he wanted to spend his time on the water, so he acquired his captain's ticket and has been happily bringing people and whales together ever since.

Our shared love of BC's marine life led us to a life together, as well as founding Vancouver Island Whale Watch.  We find great satisfaction in connecting people with the natural world, and our goal is to provide a world class whale watching experience with a focus on conservation and sustainability. We hope our guests will leave our tours an inspiration to become ambassadors for this diverse and beautiful coast.