- Protecting our coast through leadership, engagement, and research - 

We Avoid Watching the Endangered Resident Orca Population

We're  the only whale watching company in our region to watch healthy growing populations of whales, EXCLUSIVELY. We avoid the endangered Southern Resident orca population, which are typically seen in the busier waters further south.  Instead, we watch the growing populations of transient orca and humpback whales on our tours.



We Provide Funding for Marine Conservation Initiatives

We collect $2.00 CAD from each passenger on our tours and donate it directly to whale conservation initiatives in BC.

Our donor recipients include:

The Centre for Whale Research

The Pacific Salmon Foundation

Keta Coastal Conservation



We Work with Researchers

We are proud to provide Keta Coastal Conservation with regular access to our vessels to conduct research in the Salish Sea. This partnership allows Keta to gather crucial data used to understand and create strategies for humpback and orca conservation.

As industry leaders, we plan to be the first whale watching company in BC to offer research-based tours. Once per month, guests will be able to join a tour guided by a scientist from Keta Coastal Conservation, who will also collect data and Photo ID on humpbacks and orca found on the trip. All proceeds will be donated directly to local marine conservation initiatives. Please get in touch with us if you're interested in joining a research-based tour.


We Provide Education on Coastal Conservation Issues

All of our guides have an academic background in marine biology, and are versed in current issues in coastal conservation with a heavy focus on orca, salmon, and humpback populations in BC. Each tour wraps up with an onboard educational lecture on marine conservation, focusing on the threats facing marine life in BC, and an overview of conservation initiatives. We think of our vessels as floating classrooms, and our goal is to produce ambassadors for local marine life through educational and thought-provoking tours.


We Remove Marine Debris

We are proud to carry a plastic removal kit onboard our vessels. Our naturalists work hard to remove litter from our ocean that could potentially harm marine life through blocking their digestive tracts or debilitating their movements.