April 15th - An Action packed trip in Howe Sound with the T36A's


What an encounter! April 15th started off as a typical, grey, west coast day but once we arrived in Howe Sound the sun came out and the killer whales put on a show!


We watched the T36A family pod hunt and were lucky enough to see some of their high energy behaviours, such as porpoising. Porpoising is when the animal propels its whole body forward and out of the water like in the photo above. It’s the fastest way to travel because they aren’t fighting with the friction created by the water, so they can move forward through the air a further distance than if they exerted the same amount of energy underwater. It’s a swimming behaviour used by many marine animals, particularly animals in the dolphin family, of which killer whales also belong.


Howe Sound is one of our favourite places to watch whales because of the emerald green waters, mountainous islands, snow capped peaks in the distance, and the abundance of other wildlife such as seals and bald eagles. Each year we are having more and more encounters in this stunning surround! Look at these amazing photos taken by marine naturalist Val Watson!

Jilann LechnerComment