May 24th - T86A's Travelling Around Entrance Island!

Today, our open boat Cascadia set off the docks in search of some whales! After a trip through the Gulf Islands, our captain James spotted some dorsal fins off the west side of Entrance Island. A pod of Transient (Bigg’s) Killer Whales, travelling. The vessel watched the whales as they travelled west and in the direction of Protection island and Newcastle Island, right in Nanaimo’s backyard!

We watched the T86A family, we’ve seen them a few other times earlier this season. T86A, “Eider,” is the mother and head of the pod, she’s 31 years old and has 2 calves in the pod. T86A1, “Nahanni,” is 18 years old and T86A3, “Tyndall,” is 8 years old! The pod was also joined by a few other transients.

Check out the photos below from the trip, taken by our marine scientist, Val Watson. Some great shots of the orcas and a bald eagle too! You can notice the unique dorsal fins that the T86A’s have, some distinct nicks.

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Jilann LechnerComment